Mining monero currency is available! < 28/01/2018

We Started PTC_Success in order to monitor other PTC websites initially.
But as we looked more and more in how to revolutionize this business.
We become aware of more and more possible ways to increase our popularity,
increase our popularity is the main target, target that will solve many tasks we are here in first place.
As we mentioned before, most of our work is in background. One result of this background work is our today's release!

Miner is launched!
Join us if you did not yet and start earning Monero currency by just staying on our website!
Extremely easy money for you. Earn even more by referring new members. You will receive 10% for lifetime from your team miners!
Just few of your friends can change the amount of coins generated for you by a lot!

We are very new to this, so please excuse us if something will go wrong as we are still learning aspects. But be sure, we will always do our best to satisfy our members and fix all issues as soon as it is possible.
This is just one of new features coming up.
We never rest and will keep on working on new features.
You can Mine TOTALLY FREE So don't hesitate.
Come on and try us! We will be happy to have you.

As we said already it is just a beginning and we have just started to warm up, join us!

PTC_Success Management

Launching Members registration < 16/01/2018

Let us introduce our self: We are a group of old PTC earners who always believed in brighter future.
We have build this PTC monitoring blog in order to bring more trust to today's PTC world.
To build a monitoring blog was our initial idea, but we refused to be another one of a shelf,
that is why we have implemented many new and unique addons to it. Most of those addons are not seen
from user eye. The most work we do, is in background.

We have implemented Members base in to our blog, why?...
Member are the key here. Now most of PTC blogs are displayed between a limited amount of users
that is very limited resources for promoted PTC's in those blogs.
Important thing is to gather wider public. This is where we come in to play...

Now as a member you would think what's for me?...
That's why we build it interesting and very useful for you too.
We have gave a very deep inspection and planning of how to make your, as a member, results as great as
it can be. We have implemented many TOTALLY FREE advertising tools for you, which will
make your work much better, you will be able to get your websites promoted to others in a lot of ways and
with best possible results!
You can even have your own profile page, where you can add your favorite websites
promote it or no (it will still get other people views), You can add Newly launched websites,
add 24 hour websites of your choice, add interesting articles, even refer new members and have your
own small or big team and share your ideas or links with them.
Promote your profile page, get referrals to your favorite programs and for that, we will promote your
profile even more, so even more people would see it.

This all is just a beginning and we have just started to warm up, join us!

PTC_Success Management

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