MINI GAME Release! < 15/07/2018

Newest addon - Mini game launched!
Mostly waited addition to our already full of features monitor has been added today! MINI GAME will mostly be a way to exchange users earned Credits to Satoshis and later cashout them to your BitCoin wallet.
Members who has Credits already can start playing it immediately HERE
Basically there are two ways to earn, each member is free to chose which ever he/she likes most or go for both methods.
Caravan way: Load your credits in to your caravan and send it on the road, as soon as he return, instead of Credits loaded you will receive Satoshis to your account balance. Be advised, your caravan can be attacked by other members, so don't just leave it there, upgrade your special defense abilities in order to win attacks against your caravan attackers. The stronger your defense levels are, the more chances you will win the attack and for that system will reward your account with 100 credits and once your caravan completes his journey, your account will be automatically credited with Satoshis. Caravan journey takes 8 hours and Credit to Satoshi rate is 80%.
Attack way: Upgrade your weapons to higher level and be the most powerful from them all, attack other members Caravans and steal their Credits or Satoshis! If you win, rewards will be credited automatically to your balance. Each attack cost 100 Credits for you to execute attack. If you win, you take some of Caravan load. Fight others and be the one who all will be scared of!
Be both ways: Improve all your skills, upgrade your defenses and attacks and earn both ways, attack others, steal their cargo and send your own powerful Caravans on the road. This way is the fastest to earn most from this game! Earn Credits, load them to caravan, send it and then go fight other members!
It depends only on you what tactics you will chose, be sure to be prepared, it is a wild world over there!
Game is honest for all, it will not let you to be attacked by much stronger members and it will not allow you to attack weak members! Fight is very unpredictable and there is no guarantee that one or another will win battle if strength is similar, so even if you are weaker level, don't be scared to attack opponents, you can still beat them!
Game is in beta mode! Full version will be announced after we will make sure there are no issues and we will fully adjust options to get the most out of it for all members!

Stick with us, enjoy your time and don't forget to be safe on the wide world web. Best of luck to all.Stay Tuned!

Thank you all for sticking with us. We are all here to change things...

PTC_Success Management

Latest Updates < 01/07/2018

Short update about latest development on PTC_Success platform
PTP Section has been added. Members are able to promote programs listed in our monitor earn credits, earn crypto if web admin is turned miner ON and earn Satoshis from curtain levels. Visit HERE to test it out.
For web admins it is necessery to have account with ptcsuccess if you want your website be in the list of available PTP links for members to promote, so if you did not registered yet and did not added your website here, please do so, your website can get thousands of unique visits from PTP function!
Add Funds available via your balance or via CoinPayments wallet. By adding funds we mean buying credits, that credits can be spend inside ptcsuccess platform and later, credits will be available to exchange for Satoshis, how much Satoshis will depend on your account level and few other things, more info on that in next news.
Buying Banner Ads is now available! If you have a program to promote, or need referrals for some of your favorite program, now you can purchase banner ads of two sizes - 468x60 and 729x90. Banners are displayed on 99% of our pages and will get massive exposures, PTCSuccess program is displayed on most of PTC websites and so your banner will be displayed throw out all of those sites. Banner ads can be purchased with Credits, and as many of you already know, you can earn credits free, or as of now you can purchase them too. Banner exposures stats from only 1 Satoshi or 1 credit per one exposure This is the cheapest price you can get with results we provide for your banner ad!
Don't hesitate buy banner ads now HERE
Thats all for this update, soon we will release next update, probably one of most important one with biggest addon feature we are planning to implement soon!!!

Stick with us, enjoy your time and don't forget to be safe on the wide world web. Best of luck to all.Stay Tuned!

Thank you all for sticking with us. We are all here to change things...

PTC_Success Management

Latest Rework Final Updates! < 23/06/2018

Rework is complete, summary:
All major works has been completed and we are ready to move on
Design update check
You will notice major design change. We have done almost all pages to latest spec. It is 99% mobile friendly and ready for new century.
We have placed all major menu links to left side menu. It is hidden by default, and revealed when it is needed. Members need to click round button at the left bottom screen corner. This way we make sure you can now see more important page content in front of you and menu is used only when needed to navigate.
Please familiarize your self again with all features we have as some link spacing might be changed.
Creating control panel for web Admins check
Yes. Adding websites for ptc admins is now automatic and every ptc website admin can add their website them self without our management interruption. Sure, we are always monitoring all activities and if someone is caught acting not honestly or trying to cheat our system for his own benefits, those actions will be terminated and user removed from our user panel. Admins can add their websites HERE or by visiting this url:
After website is added, Admins can set miners and other settings HERE or by visiting this url:
Website statistics can be checked HERE or by visiting this url:
Contest settings will be added in future...
Implementing new earning ways and bonuses for our members check
As we promised, new earning ways are introduced to our members.
Daily Bonus
Every day each member can receive daily bonus reward. Bonus can be obtained by completing daily requirements in Bonus panel Page
Bonuses depends on each member achivements, like account level, ptp level, articles added, coins mined, websites promoted and so on and on, there is really unlimited variations. More member achieves, the bigger daily prizes will be revealed.From Account Level 20! Members will have a chance to get Satoshis as daily prize!
Bonus available for now are credits, HCoins, Satoshis, REFERRALS. Few new prizes will be added soon, very soon.
Another new feature added to our members to use, is PTP or Paid To Promote.
PTP is simple future, basically members are paid for promoting pages with webs reviews, you can find list what sites you can promote in HERE Just copy ptp link and spread it across internet. For every unique user you will ear credits and few other things, please read on.
This PTP feature would be basic ptp if we would not introduce few unique additions to it:
While promoting, members will earn credits, those credits you can spend where ever you like, but in addition, total amount of unique hits you deliver are recorded and when number increases your PTP Level increases. Once member is PTP LEVEL 10, all mining hashes will go to members account if the web admin which member is promoting has turned miner on!
From PTP Level 13 member will receive not only credits for his promotions, but in addition members will receive 1 Satoshis for every single unique visit he brings, please note that there is some additional requirements* Note that more PTP Levels and their rewards will be introduced in future.
Account Level has been introduced!
As we mentioned before in this post, members from 20 level will get a chance to receive Satoshis with their daily Bonus prize. Thats not all. Account Level was introduced for a purpose, the feature we are planning to introduce in the next month or two will basically depend on your account level. Get your levels as high as you can as you will need it soon.
Account Level can be upgraded via Credits. Credits you can earn by promoting.
One of most important features we have updated. We are now Bitcoin website and we use Satoshis as our currency!
We have updated all website settings and design to accept transition and we are now accepting, paying and giving Satoshis. Satoshis is a smallest fractions of BitCoin, so basically we are now a BitCoin website! No more Monero!
Adding funds or buying with BitCoin will be soon introduced at PTC_Success!

Stick with us, enjoy your time and dont forget to be safe on the wide world web. Best of luck to all. Another big and exiting news update will follow very soon. Stay Tuned!

Thank you all for sticking with us. We are all here to change things...

PTC_Success Management

Ptc_Success will have big makeover! < 27/05/2018

Here we are with updates again:
PTC_Success will be going throw big makeover in upcoming months!
This will be done in four phases.
Design update -
Creating control panel for web Admins -
Implementing new earning ways and bonuses for our members -
Lastly we will implement all small peaces/leftovers left from first stages -

We will do this in four phases as it will be big update to our script and installing everything in one time, could cause some issues and we really don't want that as our monitor is live and experiencing live traffic all time.
Design update check
Home and monitor pages are redone and are representing 21'st century. We need to be futuristic and have a responsive website. Futuristic because recently all web has changed, changed so much that old design seems not working any more, thats why we are keeping with the latest fashion and concept. That means our design is reflecting 21'st century and with that, our website is almost fully mobile friendly, as these days mobiles are taking over laptops and ordinary browsers, soon most website will be viewed via peoples phone screen.

Creating control panel for web Admins check
This one will be in help to our monitored websites admins. It will allow you to add websites that you own your self. From control panel you will be able to update all your websites, monitor their performance, unique hits, total hits. Most important, from that moment each website will be able to earn money to it's admin, then you will decide what to do with it, cash it out, maybe buy advertising, or create contest in for our members and then our members will promote your website even more, this way you can dominate internet. Admin just need to create account at set different settings and thats it. The more his website will receive hits, the more earnings admin will receive. Earnings will be achieaved via Monero mining, and advertisements sales and simple displays. We will share our earnings with you for promoting your own program! How that sounds?...
We would suggest start registering accounts now so we could start assigning you your websites in case they are already in our database.

Implementing new earning ways and bonuses for our members check
Our members are most important ones for us, that is why we are constantly thinking of new ways to improve your experience with us, give you more earnings or provide you free ways to advertise.
New exciting features are coming your way! More ways to earn is mostly requested feature from you, so we are preparing few for you. Soon you will be able to promote other websites and receive cash for doing so, or it would be from us or from web admins them self by participating in their contests.
As we already presented earnings to web admins, well, some of that ways you will be able to use too. For example you will earn funds for promoting other webs in our monitor, you will be able to set miner power and add link in other websites, the mined coins will become yours! One more exciting feature - Daily Bonus Rewards. Every day members will be able to claim daily bonus. Bonus reward will depend on many factors, like few: days registered, hcoins amount, mined hcoins yesterday, web promotion and so on and on. We would suggest joining our community already to not miss that update.

Implementing all small peaces/leftovers left from first stages check
Lastly we will finish all rework with last small peaces. There will be some stuff left for the end because some features need other things to be implemented first in order to work. It will be like a strawberry on a cake. The final peace missing. After that done!
One more important improvement: we will be changing our main currency from Monero to more favorite worldwide BitCoin. Rest assured, no actions will be needed from your side. Conversion will be done automatically by system.

This is just this update. No, we will not stop, we have hundred of ideas of how to make our web better. But all in peaces. Grow with us.

Thank you all for sticking with us. We are all here to change things...

PTC_Success Management

Mining monero currency is available! < 28/01/2018

We Started PTC_Success in order to monitor other PTC websites initially.
But as we looked more and more in how to revolutionize this business.
We become aware of more and more possible ways to increase our popularity,
increase our popularity is the main target, target that will solve many tasks we are here in first place.
As we mentioned before, most of our work is in background. One result of this background work is our today's release!

Miner is launched!
Join us if you did not yet and start earning Monero currency by just staying on our website!
Extremely easy money for you. Earn even more by referring new members. You will receive 10% for lifetime from your team miners!
Just few of your friends can change the amount of coins generated for you by a lot!

We are very new to this, so please excuse us if something will go wrong as we are still learning aspects. But be sure, we will always do our best to satisfy our members and fix all issues as soon as it is possible.
This is just one of new features coming up.
We never rest and will keep on working on new features.
You can Mine TOTALLY FREE So don't hesitate.
Come on and try us! We will be happy to have you.

As we said already it is just a beginning and we have just started to warm up, join us!

PTC_Success Management

Launching Members registration < 16/01/2018

Let us introduce our self: We are a group of old PTC earners who always believed in brighter future.
We have build this PTC monitoring blog in order to bring more trust to today's PTC world.
To build a monitoring blog was our initial idea, but we refused to be another one of a shelf,
that is why we have implemented many new and unique addons to it. Most of those addons are not seen
from user eye. The most work we do, is in background.

We have implemented Members base in to our blog, why?...
Member are the key here. Now most of PTC blogs are displayed between a limited amount of users
that is very limited resources for promoted PTC's in those blogs.
Important thing is to gather wider public. This is where we come in to play...

Now as a member you would think what's for me?...
That's why we build it interesting and very useful for you too.
We have gave a very deep inspection and planning of how to make your, as a member, results as great as
it can be. We have implemented many TOTALLY FREE advertising tools for you, which will
make your work much better, you will be able to get your websites promoted to others in a lot of ways and
with best possible results!
You can even have your own profile page, where you can add your favorite websites
promote it or no (it will still get other people views), You can add Newly launched websites,
add 24 hour websites of your choice, add interesting articles, even refer new members and have your
own small or big team and share your ideas or links with them.
Promote your profile page, get referrals to your favorite programs and for that, we will promote your
profile even more, so even more people would see it.

This all is just a beginning and we have just started to warm up, join us!

PTC_Success Management

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