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administrator PTC_Success advantages http://www.ptcsuccess.net Jan 19, 2018
Hello everyone!
We see many members registering but dont know how to best use all advantages of free advertising
on PTC_Success. Give us a minute to give you some advice's:
We have many forms of advertising your own websites completely for free!
1- Adding new ptc releases:
This section is for new websites and only one website can be there, so if you are first to notice new website, hurry up and add it, no one else will be able to add this website again and your website will get maximum exposures. Plus, if you dont know that yet, the most attention topic in ptc world is newly released websites, this is more popular then any other category, use it for your advantages.

2- Adding articles:
Have some interesting or useful strategy, add it, explain what is the best way to earn in ptc.
You can even write from your experience what are the rented referrals avg in some PTC or something similar. Add referral link with that article and we are guaranteed, you will get referrals if your article was useful for others!

3- Adding 24 hour websites: This is a place for any PTC website, new, old, trusted or promising, this is really your choice. it will be active for 24 hours and you can place new website every 24 hours. So keep on adding new website every day!

4- Your profile:
Very important to fill your profile with websites you want to advertise. Once you have added all websites, they will be there always or until you will update them with new ones. Almost everywhere where you have added something on our blog, your username is attached and your username is always leads to your profile. So be sure to fill your profile! And if you will promote your profile, you will earn credits and then we will advertise your profile!

5- Promoting Ref Link:
Getting team members is best way to build your team. Once you have team members, you can write them emails and promote your programs. Having great and big team will really boost your referral list in any PTC.

Thank you everyone for reading.

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