PTC Success

Defeat All Enemies To Be The Greatest King Of Them All

Earn Up To 100K Satoshis While Doing That - A Day!

Start Battle

Attack last 60 Minutes

Caravan Travel 8 Hours

Fair Fights! Anyone can Win!

Feel confident?! Attack members caravan and steal their goods. Upgrade your attack level and abilities to attack stronger enemies and steal more cargo!

Start Trading! Load cargo to your Caravan and send it on the road. Once his journey is complete. you will be credited Satoshis to your account!

Attacking Caravan

Find for active caravan and attack it. Don't forget to have your weapons enhanced as caravans are traveling with defenders, be strong, be vigilant and defeat those to steal their cargo!

Defend Your Caravan

Upgrade your defenses to protect your valuable cargo and don't let anyone to steal a penny from you. For every victory system will reward you with small prize.

Some of Battle features we have


Helmet Abilities

Helmet is your defense tool. Upgrade it, enhance it and use it to protect your self from annoying attackers! Don't let anyone steal your precious cargo!